Rossville Christian Academy

Rossville Christian Academy is a private Christian school serving Fayette County, Shelby County and North Mississippi who needed some brand and style help along with a new website. They have provided a well-rounded, faith-based education for their students since 1969.

Our Goals

Rossville had the beginnings of both an academic and a sports logo, but needed it brought into modern expectations. They also had a cookie cutter website on SquareSpace that was functional, but didn’t communicate their overall brand. Moreover (and as the case is for many schools) the brand and style guidelines for the school were basically a free for all with people using whatever old logo, font or design they came up with. Our goal from the beginning of the project, was to refresh their branding and provide some rules and guidelines for their employees to follow. We also were tasked with increasing the user experience for their website visitors. 

Our Results

Together, we chose a solid, bold academic looking R to solidify their academic branding and also developed a “wolf-fang” wordmark for their sports programs to correspond with the existing wolf logo they had. We also updated the colors on all of their logos for consistency. We created a brand persona and style guide for the school and also spent time with their faculty to educate them on the importance of consistent messaging across their channels.

Check-out the final version of their website that we collaborated on (to the left) and click the link below to see an example of their brand and style guide that was prepared for them. 

Brand and Style Examples