Acres Dozen

Acres Dozen is an industry specialized custom online training company that works with other large organizations to help them create culture, educate and improve. 

Our Goals

Acres Dozen had a good handle on who they were, and what they wanted, but came to us for our expertise on clean, consistent website design. They wanted a professional website that outlined the services that they offer and provided them a space to show off some of the work they can do.

Our Results

Together, we developed a space where owners Traci and Ron could share their thoughts and help increase their web rank through carefully crafted blog posts, while paying attention to keywords for SEO.  We also ensured that they would have an easily accessible contact solution to ensure that nobody had to search to get in touch with them! 

This project was such a pleasure to work on as the Morrison’s were fun, relaxed and easy to work with. If you or your company need any help with the creation of training materials, guides or online learning initiatives reach out to the crew at Acres Dozen!