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A Little About Us!

Hey there! We’re glad you came to visit us. We’re a one-stop-shop marketing and website design agency based in Lakeland, TN. We exist to be the solution for small to medium sized firms who want the personal attention that many of the large agencies in town can’t or won’t offer. We are a small business just like yours and we are here to hold your hand across the busy intersections of digital marketing. 

We know that trying to understand all of the different channels and new technologies can be overwhelming at times. Accordingly, our small team of tech-savvy, marketing experts and creatives are here to help you spend less time on communicating your message and more time focusing on your operations. 

Our owner and lead creative, Dr. Duncan Nicol, is a subject matter expert in marketing strategy and is a self-taught creative with expertise in web design, hosting, social media, photography and more! Duncan has his PhD in Marketing and has taught hundreds of students in both undergraduate and MBA programs at Union University. This combination of marketing and educational knowledge allows Crosswalk Consulting & Creative to not only develop and create top notch content, but also to be able to communicate it in terms that make sense to you and your employees. 

Dr. Duncan Nicol

Owner & Creative Marketing Consultant

Our Motto

"Magic Happens at Intersections"

The mindset behind our namesake (Crosswalk) is that in order for us to be successful we need to make magic. Your company exists because of your expertise or knowledge in a certain area. Our company exists because we are experts in marketing. On their own, they are both working just fine. However, in order to “make magic” we need to partner the expertise from our two different subject-areas. This “intersection” between our knowledge and yours has the ability to make your branding, website or strategy shine. Just like a crosswalk helps you cross the street, we hope to be the crosswalk at the intersection between marketing and (insert your business here).  

Our Processes

The 3 C's Framework

Every project begins with a fundamental understanding of who you are. We don’t just jump right in and create what we think fits best, we work alongside our small business partners to first understand their needs and who they serve. The framework below is a small glimpse into the three main steps we follow as we work from A to Z with your marketing needs! 

Let us dig deeper into the heart of your company to truly understand what you stand for, who you serve and the best way to reach them where they are.

We Create.

Let us develop attention-grabbing, curiosity-inspiring marketing messages and content that purposefully and professionally position your business in the marketplace.

Let us ensure that your message is actually reaching the right ears and advance relationships between your customers and your brand.

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